BISA Service Enquiry Form

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EDM is emailing marketing services to help you disseminate your company product/services to targeted group or database. BISA introduces this to help companies to be able to tap on BISA’s database for Indonesia/Singapore market.

Q: What are the industries can I target?

A: BISA has over 10k of Databases from various industries from Manufacturing, F&B, IT, Education, Hospitality, etc that catered for Indonesia/Singapore Market. Also, we have 2 category of database: Individual and Corporate. We will help you to filter the group and industries based on your requirements. Please see sample Indonesia database list below.

Q: How effective is this marketing?

A: We helps companies to create their brand awareness and increase their leads generation especially for Indonesia. As Indonesia market is huge (220 million populations), email direct marketing would help companies immensely and time saving compared to door to door selling. With BISA’s active databases, you would have 10-20% increase of brand awareness and generate more leads. However, this depends on product that you are offering and meet the demand of target market and changes of consumer behavior.

Our service: EDM Marketing to Companies in Indonesia:

  1. You provides the marketing material for email blast:
    • It can be HTML format
    • OR
  2. Image, max size 1MB
  3. You will decide the date when the emails will be sent out (minimal one week/5 working days since payment is received)
  4. You provides an email address where interested party will contact you
  5. BISA will send this EDM to 10,000 of our Indonesian database (companies)
  6. BISA will provide you with a report of how many emails had been opened, one week after the sending date